One of the first companies to build a cross-border trade platform specialized in food and agricultural products. Maalexi works 24×7, 365 days for “Democratizing cross-border trade” and have done so through the implementation of a streamlined platform that ease the process end to end.
Using cutting-edge technologies, blockchain, and inspection processes, buyers and sellers get access to 50% faster and cheaper cross-border trades and the peace of mind.

Maalexi targets an $8 billion market across India, UAE, and Europe with plans to expand even further. To help with that expansion, Snowheap is working with Maalexi to automate the administrative processes using machine learning and natural language processing. With that, Maalexi aims to have ML-powered listing inspections and listing enrichment that can enhance the entire end to end process for administrators and traders alike.

Using our ML-driven solution, we were able to optimize the process by more than 50% which resulted into cost cutting and more seamless user experience.



The Snowheap team helped us design a fully functional ML pipeline that enabled a seamless experience. They understood our requirements, devised an action plan and delivered according to the timeline. Great and smart team to work and interact with on all levels.

— Rohit Majhi, COO