Hold My Umbrella



Hold My Umbrella is a UAE-based platform that is built specifically to cater for mental illness-related caregivers across the UAE.

When people first get diagnosed with a mental illness the caregivers feel lost, where they face the evident lack of information on how to address the day-to-day challenges as caregivers of individuals with anxiety, bipolar, depression, and schizophrenia.




Snowheap was hired to build a platform for HMU that will allow caregivers to find and customize toolkits for their respective patients. The platform was built and its first phase using a scalable and easy-to-use CMS with integration of utilities for people of determination The toolkits are built based on the mental illness of each patient and they can also be customized from the admin side of the platform to each patients based on various features and aspects such as the patient’s age, gender, location, etc.


As a result, the HMU platform was able to create better synergies and connection between caregivers and patients through its highly customizable toolkits.



The Snowheap team managed to generate a fully functional platform with seamless experience in no time. They understood our requirements, devised an action plan and delivered according to the timeline. Great and smart team to work and interact with on all levels.

Khadija Yousuf, CEO