AEBISS is an Emirati technology innovation company with more than 30+ clients in the GCC. AEBISS’s goal is to keep up with market research and trends to build better holistic solutions that fit their clients. The company is specialized in developing customized high-end solutions in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and custom full-stack software solutions for enterprises and government entities.


To achieve astounding web-based solutions and to keep up with market demand especially from government entities, AEBISS hired the Snowheap team to implement reusable solution frameworks and components that can be leveraged across their project board. The team was able to introduce these scalable frameworks and help with their implementation in the least amount of time possible using the latest technologies.

AEBISS now builds modern IoT portals in a matter of weeks, all possible through our bleeding-edge frameworks that utilise the most modern and robust technology stacks available.



Using the fully customized solution developed by the Snowheap team, we are able to produce web-based frameworks at scale that helped us deploy the reusable frameworks for multiple clients cutting the implementation time from months to weeks.

Hashem Alzaabi, CEO